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Friday, 18 June 2010

New book 'Leaving Home'

Hurrah. Complimentary copies of my latest new book, 'Leaving Home' have arrived on the doorstep from those lovely people at Ulverscroft. In the Linford Romance Library range, there is a lovely picture on the cover of a very happy young lady. As it's a feelgood romance (albeit with a few bumpy moments along the way) it's great that the cover has a warm feel about it. Thank you Ulverscroft, and D C Thomson (My Weekly) who originally published it as a novella.


Jenny Haddon said...

Lovely when the cover reflects the book. Good luck with it - and with the bike ride to Brighton.


Paula Williams said...

I like the new blog, Cara and congrats on the book. It looks great.
As for the bike ride ... I'm in total awe! The very best of luck

Cara Cooper said...

Hi Jenny and Paula

Thank you so much for your compliments, good wishes and support for the dreaded bike ride. I have kittens every time I think about it. At least the weather looks cool and dry! And congratulations on both your web sites which I've checked out. Professional, easy to navigae and interesting and now that I've ventured into cyberspace myself I know how difficult they can be! Cheers!