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Monday, 11 October 2010

Where do you get your writing ideas from?

Ever since New Voices I have been mulling over new ideas. Could I get one to work? NO. But finally, things are beginning to come together. The first thing you have to do of course is find your hero. A bout of insomnia has given me a precious hour to sift through smouldering guys and finally I found him. Zaki is a sheikh in a distant nation of sandstorms and snow tipped mountain passes. He loves his semi-desert nation more dearly than he loves his own life. And here he is on the few occasions he gets to relax.

I am desperately working on the opening chapter which will either be set in the mountains, or the blistering desert. Either way, I know I shall have fun once I finally stop procrastinating and actually get something down on paper!

Writers are often asked, 'where do you get your ideas from?' and I find the web and the newspapers are both fertile ground for starting up your imagination. So, where do you get your writing ideas from?


rama said...

Hi Cara, Oh! the snow capped mountains look so alluring, and the desert too is very mesmerising, but I hope you would choose the snow capped mountains, for isn't the cold that is supposed to ignite the fire of love between two people. I don't know as you are the writer, and you would know better than me.
For the type of writing I do, I get inspiration in just people watching , or write about the funny incidents that happen in my own life.
It must be really interesting to embark on writing novels like, there is so much excitement in it. I wish you all the fun and excitement in your writing novels.

Cara Cooper said...

Hmmm, it's a nice thought that the cold ignites love. It's pretty cold here at the moment though and I'm afraid it usually means that people just bung on another pair of socks and get their thick cardigans out! Oh dear, I'm not sounding very romantic am I? You're right, love in a cold climate can be a great thing!